Enhancing Digital Experiences for a Global Publishing and Event Management Company

InfoCepts helped a global publishing and event management company accelerate digital initiatives and transform into a data-enabled business.

COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected our client’s B2B engagements and created new demand from their customers for added ways to do business digitally through virtual and hybrid events. Our customer wanted to create engaging experiences for both in-person and remote audiences, and manage complexity, costs and risk associated with the integration of different platforms to support these events.

InfoCepts built a greenfield unified platform to collate, curate and manage customer’s audience data, B2B products and other relevant events data. Our foundational data platform solution accelerated program execution with D&A architecture blueprints, framework-based cross-channel data ingestion and an automated approach towards data quality. The platform used data mesh principles to manage each product domain as an independent service and modern data catalogue for faster product discovery and listing.

InfoCepts helped the customer enhance digital audience experiences with personalised product search and recommendations. Our re-usable solution approach enabled 30% faster time-to-market for the foundational data platform and helped the customer with rapid rollout of new divisions and services.