Organizations require speed and predictability to make progress on their data & analytics roadmap. With limited resources and ever-increasing stakeholder expectations, companies would rather focus their energy on solving problems that are unique to their business. InfoCepts brings a suite of accelerators—tangible assets engineered to solve common problems in a reusable way—to cut down the effort and risks that come with complex initiatives.

Whether you are looking to migrate your analytics platform to the cloud or innovate with real-time analytics, we have an "accelerator" for that. When combined with our cross-functional teams and proven frameworks, they give you the peace of mind—no matter your data & analytics challenge.


  • Shorter time-to-market

  • Lower risks

  • Lower cost

  • Faster transformation

  • Better quality

  • Happier users


Make your data useful


Modernize your systems


Purpose-built innovations
to drive actions

Customer Spotlight

RTDS optimized warehouse operations for a leading luxury retailer by creating a data pipeline with real-time intelligence. It reduced the reporting SLA from 1 day to 5 seconds while processing 10M rows/day. The customer saw a direct savings of $1M, 3-year productivity gains of $1.2M, and indirect savings in taxes and duties.

The InfoCepts Real-Time Data Streamer has become a central part of our IT strategy for collecting data within the organization. It has changed our systems approach from a “once-a-day batch” mentality to “all-data-in-real-time” mentality. This tool fits nicely within our cloud migration plans as well, allowing us to ingest large volumes of data and develop our data lake.

Senior Manager of Analytics, Leading Luxury Retailer

Accelerator Catalog

  • Cloud Cost Monitor
    Centrally monitors, controls, and optimizes your multi-cloud cost

    Monitors spend of your cloud-based investments and provides a single glass-pane view to enable the promise of cloud cost optimization.

    How it helps?

    Embedded with cost-tagging, analytics and a smart cost optimization recommendation engine, CCM enables you to smartly govern your cloud spend.


    CCM offers the flexibility of “custom solution” with predictability of “packaged product”.

    Success story

    A global media giant uses CCM to monitor and optimize their cloud cost across their AWS cloud platform and PaaS services (Databricks, Snowflake) to allocate spend to individual departments based on usage.

  • Real-Time Data Streamer (RTDS)
    Make your data actionable in seconds to enable real-time analytics

    Enables you to get the data you want at the speed you need it, rather than the speed at which traditional data integration processes can gather, process, and distribute.

    How it helps?

    With features such as CDC, query, and API based ingestion, which is cost effective, RTDS allows you to build real-time data pipelines connecting your source systems to your analytics systems.


    RTDS offers best of both worlds–it gives you the flexibility of a custom solution with the stability of a pre-packaged solution. It is proven to be 80% cheaper than alternate solutions.

    Success story

    Optimized warehouse operations for a leading luxury retailer by creating a data pipeline with real-time intelligence. Reduced the reporting SLA from 1 day to < 5 seconds while processing 10M rows/day. Business value delivered–direct savings of $1M, 3-year productivity gains of $1.2M, and indirect savings in taxes and duties.

  • Analytics Platform Automation Kit
    A suite of 30+ automations for reliable, effective, and faster MicroStrategy deployments

    Fully automates the most time-consuming activities required for a successful MicroStrategy deployment and saves efforts spent on the release management activities which are repetitive and error prone.

    How it helps?

    APAK is ready to use, customizable and proven to be effective; It has helped organizations achieve guaranteed effort savings and reduce dependencies on specialized admin skills.


    InfoCepts APAK is one-of-its-kind, best-in-class lifecycle automation suite enabling DevOps for a COTS product like MicroStrategy.

    Success story

    Multiple InfoCepts' customers have successfully used InfoCepts APAK to fast-track MicroStrategy deployments and saved up to 93% efforts spent on release activities.

  • Automated Quality Analyzer
    Validate your data pipeline completely, confidently, and cost effectively

    A data quality testing automation tool which helps you perform data validation more efficiently during platform migration, upgrades, or production data quality monitoring.

    How it helps?

    It increases test coverage while automating repeat runs against fresh data sets, leading to significant acceleration, savings and accuracy over manual QA process.


    AQuA is configurable to meet unique customer needs and enables scaling of quality processes as the volume, velocity, and variety of data grows. It helps you achieve up to 6.5x defect detection.

    Success story

    AQuA helped accelerate the data validation process post MicroStrategy upgrade for a niche retail chain which led to 90% effort saving against manual test executions and documentation.

  • Cloud Template Library
    Expedite data & analytics applications migration to the cloud

    A collection of infrastructure-as-code templates for AWS and Azure to accelerate the provisioning for data and analytics cloud migration projects.

    How it helps?

    It enables single-click deployment of cloud infrastructure for analytics tools (like MicroStrategy, Tableau) and cloud-native services (like RedShift, EMR, Azure Data Factory)


    CTL provides full-stack coverage for data and analytics initiatives such as infrastructure, data systems, and analytics tools. It reduces turnaround time from weeks to days and at a significantly lower cost.

    Success story

    CTL enabled a global luxury retailer to accelerate its cloud journey through efficient migration of MicroStrategy from on-premise infrastructure to AWS.

  • Quick to Cloud
    Accelerate and automate your data migration to cloud

    A cloud migration accelerator which facilitates the migration of data from end-of-life data platforms to modern, cloud-native DBaaS offerings.

    How it helps?

    Q2C is functionally rich and serves a broad spectrum of the migration from assessment, pre-migration checks, validation, to post migration, along with reconciliation and monitoring abilities.


    Q2C helps you achieve a ‘first-time-right’ migration to cloud for any scale, volume and complexity of project while achieving 4.7x cost savings and 1.8x time savings.

    Success story

    Enabled accelerated migration of BI platform with 1.1 million objects, 38 TB data to AWS for a luxury retailer, which led to 44% faster time to value and prevented dozens of security and cost overspend incidents.

  • BI Converter
    Accelerate cross-platform BI migration with a worry-free experience

    An economical and resourceful solution that allows you to seamlessly switch to a BI tool of your choice by automating the major components of the migration cycle from your source to the target system.

    How it helps?

    With features such as an end-to-end migration toolkit with UI, you can focus on transformation efforts rather than worrying about the foundational elements.


    BI Converter offers an effective strategy for data migration and runs on your existing set up at no additional cost. Achieve up to 70% direct cost savings compared to manual migration.

    Success story

    Performed Oracle Discoverer to MicroStrategy migration for an energy and utilities giant, which unlocked value by reducing development efforts by 40% without altering the upstream data pipeline.

  • InfoCepts Voice Assistant
    Empower business users with natural language insight generation capabilities

    A conversational knowledge discovery engine with a ‘Google-like’ natural language search interface.

    How it helps?

    It enables users to discover pre-created insights (from tools like Power BI and MicroStrategy) using natural language interactions using front-end apps such as Alexa and Siri.


    IVA enables faster and easier access to entire knowledge base across data and analytics systems leading to 1.7x higher productivity for data analysts and up to 2.5x faster onboarding cycles

    Success story

    IVA enabled a large agricultural research organization with data search and discovery capabilities to support their R&D staff. This project enabled 100s of scientists, plant breeders, mid-level managers and senior executives to query and generate insights from research data. The application was scaled to support 4,000+ users within a year.


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