InfoCepts data visualization Center of Excellence brings over 15+ years of global delivery expertise to every partnership. We have a passion for making sense of complex issues through data and design. Our mission is to make data available and easily consumable to all types of users in support of your strategic goals.

  • Data Storytelling Methodology

    We have the differentiated expertise of representing data as stories through MicroStrategy Dossiers, PowerBI, Tableau Stories and QlikSense Storytelling
  • Dedicated Data Visualization Experts

    Our experts possess a unique combination of technology and design expertise. They derive patterns, relationships, and trends, while tinkering with multiple dimensions
  • Human Centered Design

    Creating solutions based on all the insights and feedback generated through the process to delight the user. Working with a process revolving around the end user.


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No matter where you are in your data storytelling journey, we are here to help.