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Augment the intelligence of your people and systems with timely insights to achieve better business outcomes

We specialize in automating insight delivery so you can seize opportunity today—while preparing for tomorrow.

The rapid evolution of analytics is creating new and different opportunities in every vertical market. Organizations seek to leverage innovative capabilities such as AI/ML, visual data stories, and more to make data and insights easily accessible to all. All the while leaders are tasked with complementing team skills to support a constantly evolving market of new technology and greater demand for useful intelligence.

To help you succeed, you need a partner having a proven ability to complement your team with relevant cross-functional expertise and global experience in cloud, data, and analytics.


  • Enable Self-Service Analytics

    Empowering users to generate their own insights—when and where they’re needed—requires more than just providing access to an enterprise analytics tool.

    InfoCepts helps enable your transformation from exploratory to enhanced self-service analytics. We provide turnkey solutions across the full spectrum of data to decisions journey. Whether your goal is to empower business users, data scientists, or anyone in between, let us improve the productivity of your analytics ecosystem.

  • Migrate Analytic Tools

    Whether you’re consolidating redundant tools—or modernizing legacy ones—migration from one tool to another requires thoughtful rationalization, intuitive design, automation, and proven execution to eliminate project risks and reduce costs.

    InfoCepts applies best practices, solution accelerators, and cross-functional experts to deliver predictable results, operational flexibility—all while helping you avoid unnecessary costs and hassles.

  • Develop Business Solutions

    Business leaders like you seek to incorporate insights in day-to-day operations to enhance data-driven decisions and deliver more for customers, employees, partners, and shareholders. Responsive, purpose-built solutions for specific unmet business needs is required to fulfill these expectations.

    InfoCepts provides a repeatable discovery to delivery model supported by a fully automated lifecycle automation suite to enable enterprise-grade business applications in days instead of weeks.

  • Improve User Adoption

    The best analytic applications mean nothing if they don’t proactively influence behaviors and drive action. Limited data access, inflexible tools, expanded user expectations, poorly designed solutions, and lack of real-time support all affect adoption.

    Whether you’re building a new app or enhancing an existing one, InfoCepts offers end-to-end user adoption solutions. Each combines assessment, design thinking, change management, and user support to drive intuitive, easy to use, and impactful analytic solutions.

  • Increase Trust in Data

    Stakeholder confidence in data is paramount for adoption of data-driven insights - and, confidence comes from awareness, quality, reliability, and transparency. Whether you are dealing with old or new data, trust requires cross-functional efforts - first to build and then to maintain it over time.

    We specialize in quality assessments, improvement, and engineering to ensure that your data assets - both old and new - become authoritative sources for use. Our approach includes the use of appropriate tools, governance processes, domain (business, security, and privacy) experts, and automation to ensure consistent results based on enterprise quality standards.

Executive Vice President Finance, Global Luxury Retail Chain

The feedback from our key merchant and operations management has been phenomenal. I have no doubt that this tool is a game changer for us for brand performance analysis. The savings in workload and ability to run every location based on the timeframe that the user sets means that more time can be devoted to action planning.

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How We Do It

We bring over 15 years of global, solution-driven data & analytics experience to every partnership through our capability-driven centers of excellence. We guide your teams to define, design, develop, and deploy capabilities to quickly achieve your organization’s goals.

Discovery Advisories for
Define what success looks like
Platforms MicroStrategy, Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, and more Use what works for you
Design Visualization + Stories + Adoption Design for experience
Development Modeling + Configurations + Performance Engineering mindset
Delivery Agile + Automation + Accelerators Govern for business value
Engagement Flexible + Collaborative + Outcome-Driven Strengthen partnerships


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