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Action Your Strategy By Building Awesome D&A Teams

Companies are seeing the promise of what cloud, data, analytics, and AI can do to transform their business, but many are struggling to realize the impact. Amongst the key challenges holding leaders back is the ability to access talent to fulfill their strategies. D&A talent – from solution architects to data engineers to business consultants […]


How Conversational Apps Improve Analytics Adoption

Taking a few steps back into history, a lot of time, meaningful interactions, analysis, and creativity went into developing a pixel-perfect dashboard that answered business problems. Even though this can solve complex problems, with an ever-growing need to improve business efficiency at speed, organizations needed a way to handle time-critical problems. It made this a […]


Discover the Science Behind Building a Robust MLOps Platform

A Machine Learning and Operations (MLOps) platform plays a critical role in enabling data scientists to develop and train models to fulfill business priorities. The key asks business leaders have from their data science teams are centered on driving better sales and customer engagement. The MLOps platform provides the environment data scientists need to create […]


Five Tips for Investing in Data Quality to Improve Your Bottom Line

This article was first published on Forbes.com, read the article here. In the digital economy, data is our most valuable resource. “Data is the new oil” is now a popular saying, and it’s an apt metaphor. Companies that learn to extract and use data efficiently have the potential for huge rewards, driving profits, innovation and […]


Six Reasons Why Organizations Should Consider Investing in Search and AI-Driven Analytics

Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps computers understand informal human language as it is typed or spoken out. The latest innovations in NLP technology are revolutionising human-machine interactions. For decades, all data and analytics users have been looking for easier ways to interact with data and present insights in a simpler manner. As computers get better […]


From The Lenses of a Modern Forecasting Solution

In the rapidly evolving world view, there is a need for new forecasting techniques that are resilient and flexible. The change is required more than ever before since, in the current times, an incorrect decision in any of the domains such as logistics, production, inventory, and retail, to name a few, can pose an existential […]


Rethink Retail Analytics with Real-Time Data

Analyzing data on products is time-consuming, unengaging, and inefficient. Retail store managers sit down at a desk and plan out the store without actually being able to see the store or products. They can see the analytics but the actual store layout, feel, and atmosphere is lost when they are distanced from it, making planning […]


Top MicroStrategy Capabilities that enables Organizations to be data-driven

Organizations look to create meaningful technology changes to drive business value with advanced analytics and a strong data transformation strategy. In the quest to become data-driven, businesses struggle with multiple legacy environments, complex integrations, and the lack of ability to scale their analytics needs. Next generation MicroStrategy capabilities leverage the latest innovations in analytics, business […]


Increase Enterprise Agility with Intelligent Automation

With every industry and organization now going digital, an enterprise-wide automation approach is key for any organization to remain relevant and succeed in the new age markets. Most businesses fail to scale their automation initiatives due to a lack of clear Organization wide strategy and not being able to quickly evolve to the needed changes […]