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Payment Transaction Dashboard

  This dashboard enables executives from a bank’s transactions department to view and analyse their bank’s transactions. The dashboard provides an interactive view of large inter-bank payments which are normally settled through a RTGS (Real-Time Gross Settlement) system or through other central bank account transfers. The Overview sections provided consolidated information about overall transactions and […]


Treasury Management Dashboard

  This dashboard helps the Head of Treasury to measure the performance of the Proprietor and Client Desk for FOREX, interest rate, money market and derivatives to corporations and financial institutions. The dashboard offers consolidated view for proprietor desk across products and performance of each trader. It assists in viewing the Top distinguished client with […]


Marketing Performance Dashboard

  This Dashboard enables retailers to understand the probability a shopper will purchase one or more items, given a set of items previously purchased or in the shopping “basket”. The dashboard is used to make decisions about Product Promotions, Placements and Product Displays, Store Segmentation, Customer Segmentation and Targeting. The major KPIs include No. of […]


Sales Performance Dashboard

  This dashboard helps Regional Managers to analyse large and complex sales data quickly and easily. The summary tabs provide information like Sales, Cost, Profit and Profit Margin, and overview of how all regions are performing along with monthly trend in spark lines. The details tab is providing regional details for product line and KPI […]


Sales Pipeline Dashboard

  This Sales Pipeline dashboard helps in analysing data from different perspectives. The top left section shows KPI analysis along with the monthly trend. Along with the KPIs business user can analyse data from multiple dimensions like Analysis by Leads and Opportunities. The details section provides lead details by Geography. The dashboard helps a Sales […]


HR – Allowance Advice Dashboard

  This dashboard helps the HR & Finance department to understand the trend for the expenses by Portfolio, Manager and Project. It also assists in understanding the various shift wise trend & to keep a check on misuse of the Allowance System. The dashboard also helps individual Managers to track their Associate’s shift management & […]


IT Helpdesk Dashboard

  This dashboard helps a helpdesk administrator to do detailed analysis on Helpdesk & ticketing system. It enables decision makers & Managers to understand the SLA’s met by respective team members & overall performance for the department in support. Ticketing dashboard will give Managers a bird’s eye view to analyze & take decisions on the […]


Human Resource Analysis Dashboard

  This dashboard helps the HR team by multiple segmented reports that cover different areas of HR analysis. It allows the users to quickly switch to areas like Trend analysis across time for Hiring/Departure/Education Level without having to run the dashboard again. The dashboard also demonstrates the use of controls like the radio buttons and […]


Market Basket Analysis App

  Market Basket Analysis (aka Affinity Analysis) is a data analysis technique used by Retailers to understand the mix of items shoppers purchase in single or multiple shopping events. It enables Retailers to understand the probability a shopper will purchase one or more items, given a set of items previously purchased or in the shopping […]