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Cloud Migration: A Data and Analytics Outlook

A cloud migration is the process of moving applications, data, and other components hosted internally on servers to a cloud-based infrastructure. Whether you are a “Cloud proponent” or a (non-vocal) opponent, chances are high that your organization has already embarked upon its cloud journey as it is becoming a top priority for most businesses. Different […]


InfoCepts is Now ISO 27001:2013 Certified

At InfoCepts, security is always a top priority. In an era where digital dangers are widely prevalent, a technology business cannot fail to have proper security controls in place to deliver trustworthy products and services. Every day, our security team is operating to provide a secure and reliable service to our customers, and achieving the […]


Planning for a Worry Free Data and Analytics Cloud Migration: 5 Things to Consider

To unlock new opportunities, improve agility and accelerate innovation, enterprises are moving their business applications to cloud. The challenge is how to do it properly. The goal is reduce any disruptions in daily operations, and assure both current and future business and technology needs are met. Further, there are concerns about choosing the right architecture, […]