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Customer Data Platform | A Robust Foundation for Superior Customer Experiences

The biggest and most successful consumer companies have taken a lead in delivering exceptional customer experiences (CX) across different stages of the buying journey. They have honed their CX prowess by building customer data platforms to identify salient customer pain points and resolve those with the biggest pay offs. A customer data platform plays a […]


Strategies to Create Effective Data Pipelines

Data is everywhere, enabling unprecedented levels of insights within all businesses and industries for decision-making. Data pipelines serve as the backbone to enable organizations to refine, verify, and make reliable data available for analytics and insights. They take care of data consolidation from various sources, data transformation, and data movement across multiple platforms to serve […]


How to Select Your Best-Fit Data Architecture

Many organizations make inefficient data choices because they are unsure of the purpose and use of popular data architectures such as data warehouses, data lakes, data hubs, lakehouse, data fabric, and data mesh. A comparative view based on technology and business requirements is necessary when selecting a suitable architecture. Selecting the wrong one can result […]


Web 3.0 – Next Generation Internet or Just Hype?

Built using newer technologies such as decentralized blockchains, Web 3.0 is the next big step for the internet and everything it controls. It uses artificial intelligence to enhance user experience. Web 3.0, being the basic structure used by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, blockchain approach enables the service to be supported by a decentralized […]


InfoCepts Foundation Grants Scholarship to 24 Engineering Students

Nagpur, India—April 17, 2022— The year 2022 marks the first year of the annual InfoCepts Foundation scholarship program that includes a grant of INR 50,000 for each recipient and a 360-degree career guidance program. The guidance program includes regular mentoring sessions, internship opportunities, projects, and assignments. The goal of the scholarship program is to achieve […]


InfoCepts Wins 2021 Vidarbha Udyog Gaurav’s “Best Exporter of the Region” Award

Nagpur, India—April 17, 2022— InfoCepts, a global leader of end-to-end data & analytics solutions has been named the ‘Best Exporter of the Region” in the 4th edition of VIA & SOLAR Vidarbha Udyog Gaurav Awards 2021. The awards program honored entrepreneurs and industrialists for their efforts and untiring work in bringing development and providing employment […]


Essentials of a Successful Tableau Platform Migration to Cloud

Organizations are modernizing their data and analytics ecosystems with Tableau cloud adoption as part of their cloud transformation journey. If you thought that migration from Tableau Server (TS) to Tableau Online (TOL) is easy just because the base platform is the same i.e., Tableau, we suggest caution. Migrating your Tableau platform to the cloud can […]