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Cloud Template Library by InfoCepts

Cloud Template Library is a collection of code templates for automated provisioning and configuration of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services on cloud platforms. CTL enables single-click deployment of cloud infrastructure, analytics tools, and cloud-native services to accelerate D&A application setup on cloud while eliminating risks and reducing dependence on resources with specialty skills


Five Tips For Investing In Data Quality To Improve Your Bottom Line

As seen on Forbes. In the digital economy, data is our most valuable resource. “Data is the new oil” is now a popular saying, and it’s an apt metaphor. Companies that learn to extract and use data efficiently have the potential for huge rewards, driving profits, innovation and customer satisfaction. Just like with oil, quality matters […]


6 Reasons Why Organizations Need Managed Data and Analytics Services

With the increase in data and a rapidly changing technology landscape, business leaders today face challenges controlling costs, fulfilling skill gaps for employees, supporting systems and users, evaluating future strategies, and focusing on modernization projects. Here we discuss six reasons why organizations are embracing managed analytic solutions that rely on experts to build, operate, and […]


Rethink Retail Analytics with Real-Time Data

Using HoloLens 2 technology allows for real-time data analytics in retail stores InfoCepts collaborated with Neumont College of Computer Science to implement Power BI reporting and functionality with Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, allowing users to not only see data on products but also see the product in the HoloLens world. We interviewed the team behind the […]


Why Narratives are Important to make Data-Driven Decisions?

Organizations are becoming more data-driven to take business decisions faster than ever before. Business users expect quick interpretations of their data to act on insights in real-time. This is where data storytelling kicks in. Data alone, can’t tell you insights, but through data storytelling techniques you can better understand the data and get faster and […]