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    As the backbone of your Analytics environment, InfoCepts leverages cutting edge data management techniques to ensure trust & accuracy in the decisions drawn from the data that is the lifeblood of your organizational health

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A pool of talent recognized by Gartner as “amongst the Top 40 Data & Analytics Services providers in the world”.

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Honored by a 96% retention rate acoss 200+ customers:25% + over market average!

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Unlike others striving to be good at numerous things, InfoCepts has made a conscious decision to be the very best at 1 thing – Data.

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With a proven Onshore/Offshore methodology, InfoCepts teams average a 1:4 ratio in comparison to our peers who typically require double the effort to achieve the same success.

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extension of your own team

Data is the lifeblood of your organization, which touches every element of your business.  Being exclusively focused on Data & Analytics means that we take end to end responsibility for our efforts and have considerable skin in the game to ensuring your Data & Analytics success!

Enterprise Data Strategy
Define a vision and implement blueprint for your enterprise to harness the utmost value from your organization’s most valuable asset…its data.
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Data Quality

Accurate decisions start with accurate data. Data quality is the foundational layer to organizational health and touches everything from customer satisfaction to compliance. Restore your users’ faith in the data driving their decisions.
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MDM Services
Ensure consistency, avoid redundancy, provide a central source for distribution & achieve a 360° view of master data.

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Enterprise Data Catalogs

Simplify your life by improving your ability to locate data assets quickly & easily, enable re-usability, and define 360° relationship views for enterprise-wide data.
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Data Governance
What pain points, across people, process, and technology exist along your data journey? Identify the gaps that exist between your teams current and desired data governance state.
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Data Security Audits
Identify and work to minimize any risk of security breach on your organizational data assets through our comprehensive data security audit.
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