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Optimize your data & analytics systems for speed, flexibility & effectiveness

We specialize in accelerating and optimizing your modernization journey—you reap the benefits of today while staying ahead of tomorrow.

The rapid evolution of cloud computing is creating new opportunities while presenting new challenges. Cloud-based data & analytics opens tremendous potential for your business. But it requires cross-discipline expertise—from implementation to oversight—to realize its full value.

To help you succeed, you need a partner who complements your team with focused expertise in cloud-based data & analytics. We bring global experience to account for your organization’s unique conditions—all the while delivering best-in-class solutions to optimize your cloud-based goals and investments.


  • Accelerate Cloud Adoption

    While critical to growth, modernization can disrupt your business if not handled appropriately. Experienced guidance from InfoCepts’ modernization experts on what, why, when & how will help inform your strategy, secure stakeholder buy-in, and provide pragmatic action plans to deliver value in weeks—not months.

  • Migrate to the Cloud

    Migrating to the cloud is a complex process that enables tremendous potential for your business. But complications constrained by inflexible legacy systems and vendor-driven lock-in can drain your investment and slow down transformation.

    InfoCepts provides alternatives to free up sunk IT costs—empowering you to drive your migration forward without disruption.

  • Build Cloud-Native Data Systems

    A 'lift and shift' of on-premise data systems to the cloud can often reduce the expected value of such change.

    InfoCepts engages with your team to build data & analytic solutions that account for the needs and goals of your specific environment. We help guide, engineer, develop, and support the best solution for your long-term success.

  • Enable Business Agility

    Leaders expect responsive—if not proactive—analytic solutions to overcome new and emerging business problems in near real-time.

    InfoCepts provides a repeatable "discovery to delivery" model driven by a fully automated, continuous integration and delivery pipeline.

  • Optimize Cloud Operations

    Eliminate the all-too-often-seen surprises on your cloud platform invoices that unexpectedly drives up costs.

    InfoCepts provides a single pane of glass view to monitor cloud consumption across all of your cloud systems at once. It’s another way we help eliminate overspend and optimize your systems to drive down costs.

Senior Director Product Development Data & Analytics, Global Media Conglomerate

Thanks for the amazing work that the InfoCepts cloud migration team did in moving our analytics ecosystem from on-premise Hadoop into AWS Cloud. This project represented a tremendous lift, with a lot of moving parts and tons of complexity.

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How We Do It

We bring over 15 years of global, solution-driven data & analytics experience to every partnership through our capability-driven centers of excellence. We guide your teams to define, design, develop, and deploy capabilities to quickly achieve your organization’s goals.

Discovery Advisories for Roadmaps Define what success looks like
Platforms AWS, Azure Use what works for you
Design User + Business + DevOps Design for experience
Development Cloud-native Choices + Data Engineering Engineering mindset
Delivery Agile + Automation + Accelerators Govern for business value
Engagement Flexible + Collaborative + Outcome-Driven Strengthen partnerships


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