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AQuA is a quality automation accelerator tool by Infocepts to validate data quality at source, staging layers, production warehouses, and report outputs. It enables scaling of the quality processes as volume, velocity, and variety of data grows.

BI Converter is an accelerator that automates migration from a specific source to a target BI platform helping organizations modernize their BI stack without vendor lock-in. It accelerates any migration saving time and costs, reducing dependency on niche skills.

Q2C is a cloud migration accelerator suite based on open-sourced technologies to facilitate the migration of data from end-of-life data platforms to cloud-native DBaaS offerings in a reliable, accurate, time-efficient, and cost-effective way.


RTDS, an accelerator, moves data between legacy and modern data systems in near real-time in an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way. It enables real-time integration and analysis of data, helping customers transition from a “once-a-day batch” to an “all-day stream” mode thereby accelerating time-to-insights for business.

CCM monitors the spend of all your cloud-based investments and provides a single pane view to enable cloud cost optimization. With features such as cost tagging, analytics, and recommendation engine, CCM enables smart governance and optimization of your cloud spend.


Analytics Platform Automation Kit (APAK) addresses a critical gap in BI capabilities by fully automating the most time-consuming activities required for successful deployments and upgrades. It saves efforts spent on the release management activities which are repetitive, manual, and error prone.