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Cloud Template Library is a collection of code templates for automated provisioning and configuration of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services on cloud platforms. CTL enables single-click deployment of cloud infrastructure, analytics tools, and cloud-native services to accelerate D&A application setup on cloud while eliminating risks and reducing dependence on resources with specialty skills

Infocepts elevates your Data & Analytics capabilities to help you maximize the value of all your data assets

Infocepts partners with you to advance their analytic teams and capabilities with managed data and analytic solutions for expertise, efficacy, and economics. Our team worked with them to complement their data and analytics capabilities.

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Q2C is a cloud migration accelerator that facilitates the migration of data from end-of-life platforms to modern, cloud-native DBaaS offerings.

Cloud Cost Monitor (CCM) monitors the spend of your cloud-based investments and provides a single view to enable the promise of cloud cost optimization. Spend less time agonizing over cloud bills and more time optimizing your cloud costs.

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BI Converter automates cross-platform migration helping organizations modernize their BI stack without vendor lock-in.

RTDS enables you to get the data you want at the speed you need it, rather than the speed at which traditional data integration processes can gather, process, and distribute.


IVA is a self-service knowledge discovery engine with a ‘Google-like’ natural language search interface and voice-enabled capabilities.