Top MicroStrategy Capabilities that enables Organizations to be data-driven

Organizations look to create meaningful technology changes to drive business value with advanced analytics and a strong data transformation strategy. In the quest to become data-driven, businesses struggle with multiple legacy environments, complex integrations, and the lack of ability to scale their analytics needs. Next generation MicroStrategy capabilities leverage the latest innovations in analytics, business intelligence and multiple digital integrations to improve scalability, flexibility, and provide a unique experience to business users. The latest MicroStrategy capabilities can answer key organizational queries on how to adopt new features in an existing environment and IT landscape which helps fulfill business goals and drives growth.

Federated Analytics:

In today’s digital world, companies explore multiple tools to analyze their data and produce a visually appealing output. Organizations now follow a more decentralized model and business units have their own analytics initiatives and use multiple business intelligence tools. It becomes challenging for organizations to govern multiple specialized tools, access management and the accuracy of data extraction.

MicroStrategy powered Federated Analytics enables organizations to accelerate analytics by using MicroStrategy enterprise capabilities and a robust semantic layer model. Federated Analytics empowers organizations to generate analytics from combined information in distributed datasets without moving all the data to a central location. This increases the reach of data assets by bringing the algorithm to the data and helps publish governed and certified data that can be used by every analyst with the tools of their choice.

Dossiers for Self-Service BI:

Modern business users are more interested in interactive display and visualization of data for better and quick business decisions. Self-service BI with MicroStrategy Dossiers enables business users without much data analytics knowledge to create their own visualizations and generate quick analytics solutions for actionable insights. A self-service framework enables easy data cleansing, accelerated data extraction from multiple sources, enriched user interface and easy integration across platforms.

Self-service BI becomes important in sectors like banking, insurance, and retail where organizations handle huge data systems and data-driven business decisions play a significant role in increasing business revenues and profits. It helps in optimized pricing, quickly answering queries for better customer service, risk mitigation, faster product tracking and more.

Hyper Intelligence:

For rapidly responding to queries and to enrich customer experience, organizations are implementing smarter ways of injecting insights into enterprise applications. Looking beyond answering queries through conversational tools, Hyper Intelligence helps organizations personalize their insight needs by injecting analytics and intelligence directly into user’s experience. By using contextualized analytics users are now able to embed real time insights with something as simple as hovering over a highlighted word on any platform or application. Insights with zero-click capabilities due to Hyper Intelligence opens many practical applications across industries like healthcare, manufacturing, retail, automobile etc.

Managed Cloud:

With the increase in data and analytics needs, more and more organizations are moving their digital assets from on-prem infrastructure to cloud in order to ensure always running applications, databases, and operations. It helps organizations scale all applications seamlessly and provides an elastic, secure, and agile environment for near real time upgrade of compute, storage, and other required services. With benefits like improved security, availability, collaboration efficiency, reduced IT costs, and a centralized controlled environment.

MicroStrategy cloud platform services help organizations deploy the best cloud solutions which meet business and IT needs. Organizations can deploy fully configured solutions on AWS or Azure environment, ensure the latest architecture is available throughout the enterprise, and enable up to 60% improved response rate compared to on-prem infrastructure.

MicroStrategy Library and Collaboration:

Business users prefer to use a single platform for all their analytics and business interaction needs as compared to going through multiple projects, sources and platforms to get the right information or answers. MicroStrategy Library provides a single centralized platform which allows end users to access dossiers and dashboards from various projects. It features the use of advanced search functionality to locate dossiers or documents, real-time collaboration, multi-channel support, and a simplified design for accessing and sharing analytics faster. MicroStrategy Collaboration service enables collaboration amongst teams using the library application and allows end users to seamlessly showcase their ideas with others.

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