Real-Time Operational Intelligence (RTOI)

AvatarJuly 12, 2020

Our RTOI framework contains provisions to quickly provide real-time insights on data in motion. The framework integrates high-velocity data, applies business rules, deduces insights and presents real-time insights to business users. The framework can handle data latency from few hours to a few seconds. It includes an efficient Next Best Action (NBA) engine to handle common operational intelligence challenges.


  • Provides real-time reporting in addition to NBA that can be dispatched to Operational Systems to drive action
  • Future-ready architecture ensures seamless integration of traditional, Hadoop and streaming data sources
  • Scalable to ingest millions of records with minimum latency

Ideal for

  • Enterprises with time-sensitive business processes that want to cut down delays between event triggers and availability of actionable insights
  • Enterprises that want to equip business users with real-time or near real-time analytics
  • Businesses that want to implement NBA framework for making real-time offers to customers

How it helps

  • Reduces implementation cycle times by up to 50% (when compared to similar implementations built from scratch)
  • As an architecture template to implement ingestion workflows with reduced latency – mini batch, micro batch and real-time
  • Achieves high-performance throughput scalable to millions of rows per second

Under the hood

  • A customizable framework based on Apache Kafka and Spark streaming
  • NBA engine implemented on an in-memory database
  • Includes web UI for configuration and monitoring in addition to template real-time MicroStrategy dashboards