InfoCepts and ThoughtSpot Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Search & AI-driven Analytics to ASEAN Enterprises

Patrick FinanJanuary 14, 2021

I am excited to announce a new exclusive partnership with one of the most disruptive players in Analytics, ThoughtSpot! After a long and thorough evaluation, ThoughtSpot has chosen InfoCepts to lead their ASEAN operations. Going forward, InfoCepts will be noted as the exclusive distributor of ThoughtSpot-related licenses and services across the ASEAN region.

Augmented Analytics with Proactive Expertise

ThoughtSpot is disrupting traditional ‘Analytics’ by enabling every business user to receive answers from their enterprise data, through the power of Google-like-search. InfoCepts is disrupting traditional ‘data & analytics services’ thru automation of the most critical data-driven challenges facing organizations today. The common goal of both? Enabling organizations to deliver successful business outcomes in a predictable manner, with less time, effort, and ultimately, cost.

ThoughtSpot has done for facts, what Google has done for opinions–allowing the most non-technical of users to use simple search functionality to ‘ask questions’ of their enterprise data and receive back AI-driven responses for further analysis. InfoCepts is the ‘global standard’ for automation of front and back of the house data & analytics processes, in order to truly enable ‘data-driven-decision-making’. The power of both together creates the most predictable engine to allow users of all types to find the answers they need to drive the business in the most self-sufficient and reliable way possible.

“In our work with global enterprises, it’s clear the need to equip employees at all levels with data-driven insights that guide decisions has never been greater. Our new relationship with InfoCepts is a major step forward in bringing search and AI-driven analytics to businesses in Southeast Asia so they can empower their teams with analytics like never before,” said Toni Adams, SVP APJ and Global Partner & Alliances, ThoughtSpot. “Challenging the status quo in technology is never simple, and especially in data, but with a trusted expert like InfoCepts by our side, I’m confident we’ll be able to help companies throughout ASEAN transform their use of data.”

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