Fast-track D&A Projects with InfoCepts Reusable Solutions

Gopal AppuswamiJune 30, 2022

Large consulting organizations have an advantage of early-stage engagement with enterprises in drawing up multi-year roadmaps. But their challenge too often crops up during execution.

While such roadmaps are complex, by the time they actually start implementation the technology landscape has undergone massive change. Their teams are too slow, overly expensive, and they over-engineer processes rather than attend to priorities. Enterprises end up supporting such consulting organizations—not the other way around.

The Rise of Specialized D&A Consulting Firms

To best serve enterprise data and analytics requirements, boutique consulting firms have emerged over the past two decades. They uniquely tailor products, solutions, and professional services to meet those needs. Providing specialized services, small but nimble teams work closely with enterprise representatives to help foster a data-driven culture and drive growth.

Such services include data management, cloud migration, and advanced analytics powered by machine learning, et al. Each boutique consulting firm has a unique approach to solve customer problems.

InfoCepts meets our clients’ needs through a horizontal strategy that covers all problem areas within the data and analytics realm. We achieve this by way of a set of 20 reusable solutions. They address five broad problem areas and are backed by competencies that anchor the COEs (centers of excellence), COPs (communities of practice), and COIs (communities of interests). Our field-proven accelerators envision, build, and deliver assets that speedup the process delivering client solutions.

Our unique offerings combine multiple solutions and tangible outcomes (assets) to solve client problems faster, cheaper, with far greater efficiency. Our highly skilled associates have the expertise that has solved the same problems many times over for clients across diverse industries and throughout the world.

Reusability Solves Complex Business Problems Faster

Our differentiation lies in the reusability of our assets; they directly translate into productivity gains when solving your data and analytics problem. We have delineated them as educational, problem discovery, solution advisory, solution delivery, and contractual assets. InfoCepts leverages these to increase your chance for success at the get-go. Improved efficiency makes your solution delivery more predictable. And our Assets – Reusability Index objectively quantifies the benefits you realize through such reuse.

The measurement index starts at the beginning of your engagement and continues throughout your project lifecycle. This helps us quantify the value you receive in conjunction with ongoing estimates of reduced costs compared to the competition.

Choosing the Right Reusable Solutions is Vital for ROI

Here’s an example of how reusability works. Assume a problem statement is to move an on-prem data warehouse onto a cloud environment. InfoCepts would assess your current landscape, determine the optimal cloud platform that best suites your needs, prioritize subject areas and datasets that need to migrate, and facilitate data movement. We would then monitor and measure migration progress while resolving issues to complete the engagement on time.

InfoCepts brings in time-tested, verified, and certified assets during each stage of your engagement. Productivity improvements and execution predictability substantially reduce your time to implementation.

Following are our top considerations for solving business problems for our client’s:

  • Assessment Toolkit – This problem-discovery asset enables faster investigation of your current landscape.
  • Technology Blueprint – Our solution advisory asset enables faster decision-making as to the cloud platform that best suits your environment.
  • Quick-to-Cloud – This accelerator and solution delivery asset helps move data faster with measures in place to validate data movement.

Cumulatively the reusability index for such an engagement pegged at approximately 15% will reduce the execution timeframe to a 55-week window (approx.), with about a few 1000 person hours of savings in terms on effort. We pass on such productivity improvements to you as a cost savings.

Get started with InfoCepts to accelerate your data and analytics transformation journey with a reusability approach.