Considering a Migration of Data Warehouse to Cloud, Use an Accelerator to Reduce Risk

AvatarMay 5, 2020

Migration of on-premise MPP data warehouses, such as Netezza, to cloud-native, such as Snowflake presents numerous challenges including differences in syntax, architecture(storage and retrieval), and execution. This can overwhelm teams without prior experience in such migrations and as a result, 73% of (similar) migration efforts fail as those overrun budget and timelines (as per Techrepublic report)  

A typical data warehouse migration to cloud risks overrun costs and schedule slippage due to:

  • Lack of the RIGHT skills required to appreciate differences in architecture and syntax
  • Lack of the RIGHT experience required to exploit cloud-native services such as object stores
  • Lack of the RIGHT tools and standard practices required to define and execute migration plans

Having helped multiple customers successfully migrate to public clouds (namely AWS and Azure) InfoCepts has developed a proprietary migration accelerator – Quick to Cloud (Q2C) accelerates migration from in-premise MPP data warehouse appliances such as Netezza to cloud-native data-warehouses such as Snowflake.

Quick to Cloud (Q2C) Accelerator

InfoCepts Quick to Cloud (Q2C) solution accelerator, advances the migration of an on-premise data warehouse, to the cloud in a reliable cost-effective manner ensuring first-time-right migrations avoiding most of the challenges mentioned before. It is offered with a complimentary migration SOP and cloud cost and security monitor (CCSM) that address other risks such as inadvertent cloud credentials disclosure, associated with similar migrations.

Intelligent Q2C translator engine addresses syntax differences between Netezza and Snowflake and converts DDLs with more than 95% accuracy and neatly flags rest for manual review. Similarly, smart data transporter leverages object stores such as AWS S3 to ensure re-startable data migrations. This enables incremental data migrations for large data warehouses. Included Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) guides migration planning and execution helping migration teams eliminate omissions in scope, eliminate security risks with the development environment and ensure 100% data reconciliation between Netezza and Snowflake environments.

Our customers using Q2C have been provided the following benefits:

  • Save cost, effort, and time

Thus far, Q2C has helped our customers achieve 4.7X cost and 1.8X time efficiencies. And what’s more? Q2C continues to incorporate learnings from these migration efforts to continuously improve these metrics!

  • Eliminate errors

Q2C provides best-in-class efficiency automating ALL migration tasks – scoping, schema definition extraction, schema translation, target schema creation, data migration and (cell-by-cell) validation. Thus eliminating errors – omissions, manual oversight and QA limitations.

  • Peace of mind

Continuous monitoring of cost (budget) and security vulnerabilities during entire migration effort eliminate operational surprises ensuring total peace of mind.

  • Empower your migration team

Enable your team to use migration as an “opportunity” to improve data architecture, reduce technical debt and architect business aligned data models rather than focus on trivial details such as syntax difference, data exports, and reconciliations.

  • Better ROI for your operations dollars

Included optimization recommendations enable the right-mix of cost and performance. This ensures significant TCO savings compared to in-premise MPP data warehouses.

See Q2C in action now:

Q2C has helped numerous enterprises reduce risks with data warehouse migrations. There is no reason it can’t help yours. Contact us to schedule a quick demo or talk to a cloud migration expert.