Another step in BI enrichment: MicroStrategy Dossier

AvatarJuly 12, 2019

Since 2016, MicroStrategy has delivered hundreds of new features as part of five product releases (10.3 to 10.7). This blog describes the most popular features in these versions and covers new functionality across all products including Desktop, Web, Mobile, Server, and Usher.

MSTR 10.3 Features:

  • MSTR 10.3 version has several new features and enhancements with data discovery, available with both MicroStrategy Desktop and Web
  • This version allows users to embed new dashboards into an existing dashboard application in both MicroStrategy Web and Desktop, saving the dashboard development time and efforts

  • It also provides thresholds for custom visualizations and easier custom visualization deployment with MicroStrategy Server and Web

  • It provides improved mapping capabilities, also offers a simplified process to add SHP custom shapes with ESRI maps
  • Version 10.3 allows more easy and quick deployment of enterprise analytics and support for Usher on windows as well
  • It provides extended Support for semi-structured data such as JSON and support for cache and cube subscriptions from MicroStrategy Web
  • In this version, ESRI maps supports in MicroStrategy Mobile on iOS and Android devices

MSTR 10.4 Features:

  • Version 10.4 has several new features that provide better performance and scalability enhancing the overall user experience
  • It had improved the horizontal scalability by up to eight intelligence server nodes in a cluster

  • It offers work fencing which allows administrators to ensure that there’s always dedicated computing power available to support specific users, user groups, or tasks

  • This version introduced new parallel processing capability for faster data upload from CSV files
  • It supports conditional formatting on attributes, color by attributes on custom visualizations

  • It also allows users to include dynamic hyperlinks to a grid report in MicroStrategy Desktop and Web to access content on external systems from MicroStrategy

  • Starting in 10.4, users can now create hierarchy reports that offer ragged hierarchies, and commonly used for financial reporting

MSTR 10.5 Features:

  • MicroStrategy 10.5 delivers a platform with enhanced connectivity and new certifications for more enterprise asset
  • It provides support for SAS data files, OData, enhanced support for Google BigQuery and RESTful APIs

  • It provides New Enterprise Manager dashboard that helps system admins

  • With 10.5, mobile app designers can create customizations using Swift in MicroStrategy Mobile iOS SDK, which provides app designers with a faster, safe and more modern development ecosystem
  • In this version, Usher provides 2-way communication capability which enables an Usher Professional user to instantly message an individual or group of Usher Security mobile app users
  • Usher also provides Okta integration, in this version

MSTR 10.6 Features:

  • MicroStrategy 10.6 provides option to share interactive dashboards (.mstr files)
  • It provides support for export of maps, custom visualizations, HTML tags, multi-page export and bookmarks
  • With version 10.6, it is possible to have multiple layers on maps in dashboards, plot pie chart markers on maps
  • It provides attribute multi-form support with JSON data API, a new URL API, SAML authentication support for MicroStrategy web and mobile, enhanced authentication support for URL sources and privilege to share a database instance with a subset of users
  • Starting in MicroStrategy 10.6, the Usher mobile app provides iCloud and google drive badge recovery, SMS badge distribution and built in finger print scanners for various Android devices

MSTR 10.7 Features:

  • MicroStrategy 10.7 delivers options that make the enterprise analytics platform more easily accessible to organizations and end-users via the AWS Marketplace
  • It also offers NLG integration to transform visualizations into meaningful insights by providing textual descriptions and analysis of data
  • New data connector SDK is now available with MicroStrategy 10.7, which allows organizations to build custom connectors to any data source not natively supported with the enterprise platform
  • It has expanded support in Command Manager for individual table refresh for Multi-table data import (MTDI) cubes sourced from different data-sources
  • The release also offers enhancements with the PDF export options, increased support with the native Hadoop Gateway, and improvements with EMM support for Android deployments

There are many more features as part of these five product releases which I couldn’t include.