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The Future of Data & Analytics Careers

With the explosion in user-generated data, businesses need to deliver the right data at the right time to remain relevant. Making Data and Analytics (D&A) industry one of the most sought-after career paths. Today, companies who wish to deliver transformation for their organizations are dependent on the next wave of bright minds! As a D&A […]


Join the InfoCepts Team Today

We’re a curious and dedicated team ready to tackle any data-driven problem. We are energized by the growing opportunities ahead. At InfoCepts, you’ll be challenged to think innovatively, while growing your own personal and professional skillsets designed with the future in mind. Together, we can build something great. Join our team today!


Cloud Template Library by InfoCepts

Cloud Template Library is a collection of code templates for automated provisioning and configuration of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services on cloud platforms. CTL enables single-click deployment of cloud infrastructure, analytics tools, and cloud-native services to accelerate D&A application setup on cloud while eliminating risks and reducing dependence on resources with specialty skills

Five Tips For Investing In Data Quality To Improve Your Bottom Line

As seen on Forbes. In the digital economy, data is our most valuable resource. “Data is the new oil” is now a popular saying, and it’s an apt metaphor. Companies that learn to extract and use data efficiently have the potential for huge rewards, driving profits, innovation and customer satisfaction. Just like with oil, quality matters […]


Is your D&A strategy delivering business results?

The COVID-19 global pandemic disrupted many established business models, forcing companies to embrace digital transformation to remain relevant. The use of data & analytics is altering the competitive dynamics in all industries. According to Forrester Research investments in D&A capabilities are paying off. Firms with advanced data & analytics capabilities are 2.8x more likely to […]