The prestigious Data Breakthrough Awards Program has recognized Infocepts among outstanding data technology products and companies by presenting us with the Retail Data Solution of the Year Award.

Data Breakthrough is an independent market intelligence organization that evaluated Infocepts’ Retail Index Solution as part of their awarding process. Our Retail Index Solution is designed to help retailers adopt a data-focused strategy by promoting data-democratization, data literacy, and user adoption. It identifies and tracks key performance indicators (KPIs) that are vital for a company’s health across all levels of organizational hierarchy in real-time.

The innovative solution works as a one-top retail scorecard that runs 24×7 using real-time and historical analysis cards for sales, promotions, and traffic KPIs. With this solution, retail business leaders can access scorecards that provide actual vs target comparisons, hourly/daily trends comparing current, and moving average analysis by product category, conversion rate, customer type, and more.

Read our customer success story for more details about our Retail Index solution.

The desire to deliver an exceptional customer experience (CX) is stronger than ever among organizations across the globe. The successes achieved by leading customer-focussed businesses with their CX initiatives vindicate the need for others to follow suit. In a bid to overcome challenges faced by customers and identify the most desirable intervention for better CX, companies have begun aggregating data from their Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs and mining their dark data to build unified Customer Data Platforms (CDP).

As the long way to the top continues to be dictated not necessarily by legacy or size but by CX, Shashank Garg, our Co-Founder and CEO provides first-hand wisdom from our learnings in this Forbes article. Read on to know more about the 5 strategies you can use to plan your CX initiatives for 2022 and beyond.

  1. Invest In Understanding Your Customer Data
  2. Mine Dark Data to Anticipate Customer Needs
  3. Unify Customer Data
  4. Build Recommendation Engines to Personalize Experiences
  5. Enhance User Experience with Mixed Reality

Talk to us to know more about how Infocepts can help you implement these recommendations.

GDS Data and Analytics Summit | 3 March 2022

Insights Break: Keynote 2 | Accelerating Outcomes from D&A Investments

Speaker: Ben Dooley, Senior Director

Session Highlights

  • 50% of the problems faced by large enterprises in deploying D&A solutions are generic
  • Generic D&A problems can be solved using reusable solutions from a library like the one developed by Infocepts
  • Poll | Which of these will be the hardest for you to do?
    1. 25% | Define D&A-driven Business Roadmap
    2. 25% | Build to a Modular Architecture
    3. 25% | Build & Maintain Cross Functional Teams
    4. 25% | Flex Talent Capacity

GDS Data and Analytics Summit | 2 March 2022

Insights Break: Keynote 1 | Data & Analytics: From Adaptation to Growth

Speaker: Ben Dooley, Senior Director

Session Highlights

  • Data strategy is business strategy in today’s business environment
  • Transformation relies on true democratization.
  • True democratization is about reducing user friction
  • Early user feedback is critical for succeeding in reducing user friction
  • A modular architecture is important not only from a technology perspective but also from a people and process perspective

Digital transformation is widely seen as an initiative all organizations should indulge in to stay relevant. Business managers are operating from a position of FOMO in the wake of the successes experienced by dominant players while adopting digital technologies to overcome pandemic challenges. As they find themselves caught up in a gold rush to onboard promising technologies, managers are prone to skipping crucial steps required for undertaking successful projects.

Ben Dooley, our Senior Director, provides some interesting insights on the subject in his article for Harvard Data Science Review. Ben has noted them from his interactions with top executives of leading enterprises. He has listed key considerations for managers to map their organization’s digital transformation strategy. Follow this link to be better informed.

Discussion Topic: Rapid Digitalization in the ITES Sector

On Friday, the 3rd of March 2022, Our Global CIO, Rajendra Jodhpurkar was invited to be a panelist on Cloud Roundtable Conversations hosted by CNBCTV18 and Microsoft Azure.

The roundtable conversation occurred around the ability of organizations to use technology to:

  • Make operations agile for hybrid work environments
  • Build robust backups in case of unprecedented disruptions
  • Implement recovery strategies to avoid business interruptions
  • Secure networks and applications from unauthorized access

Adding to the discussion around security breaches, Rajendra observed that “The weakest link is people, if you are not careful in terms of which email you are clicking, is it a phishing email and if you are not aware about it then no matter what kind of technology you have, it’s not going to help you. So, we are spending a lot of time in building that awareness.”

Play the video to indulge in this interesting conversation.


Organizations are prioritizing information security initiatives above all investments due to the growing concerns and risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity incidents have a huge impact on brand reputation of organizations, their relationship with customers and overall business growth. Customers today actively choose to engage with organizations that respect their privacy and safeguard their personal and sensitive data.   

At Infocepts, data privacy and information security is serious business and considered a corporate value. We have invested considerable efforts in transforming our 3 pillars i.e., people, process, and technology to enhance our long-term data security goals. Modernizing security infrastructure, business processes and increasing awareness amongst our associates helps us strengthen enterprise data security, meet regulations, promote data privacy culture, and enable our customers to achieve business goals faster and risk-free. 

In today’s digital age, data privacy is one of the most critical parts of every organization’s IT and business strategy. Infocepts’ information security and data privacy initiatives help transform key digital assets to secure all types of data in our organization. 

Watch the video to explore why Infocepts is not only a GREAT place but also a SAFE place to work.