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Renowned data governance Leader, Denish Bhavsar speaks with Subhash Kari, Chief Innovation Officer at Infocepts about the myriad myths associated with data governance, embedded data governance, impact of AI on data governance and much more.

Denish notes that data governance is often reckoned as a bureaucracy due to its common association with complicated rules & people hierarchies. In reality, it is a collaborative principle that enables improved business value with organizational, process & technology maturity.

He discusses how typical data governance tools and capabilities can help with cataloging the data and building the business glossary but only when the right governance practices & workflows are implemented on top it, data exploration can safely turn into industrialization. So, he recommends focusing on the process first and then finding the right tools to fit the scope.

“It’s great to have shiny tools but if you do not have the capability or the organizational readiness to really harness the tools, then it’s just sitting there on the show” – Denish Bhavsar

“Right data governance practices can improve user adoption. As an example, we were able to help one of our retail client scale adoption by 5X by creating a search-enabled self-service data catalog.” -Subhash Kari

Finally, Denish goes on to discuss how embedded data governance can enable organizations to balance compliance with the ability to innovate with data. He also touches upon how the advancement in AI has the potential to simplify data governance processes while at the same time, data governance has the responsibility to ensure transparency & right model governance practices to establish trust in AI.

The Conversation Rundown:

[00:00] – Introduction & Opening Remarks
[00:15] – Advice on tools & processes for a successful DG program
[02:46] – How to bake in data governance in new projects
[04:55] – Balancing compliance with the ability to innovate with data
[07:59] – Strategies to deal with emerging governance challenges in the AI era

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