How companies are using analytics to transform into Intelligent Enterprises

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Industry leaders in APAC and around the globe are using enterprise analytics, mobile productivity, and real-time telemetry to translate data into business impact

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Picture this: You walk into your favourite brand’s store and browse aisle after aisle of the latest styles and accessories. You buy a bag that’s on sale, a new pair of shoes, and even a perfume gift for Mum. At the register, you give the cashier some information to validate your customer loyalty status, as well as consent to receive future marketing promotions. A month later, as you travel to a new city, you receive an email notification from the store with targeted offers for shopping at their nearby location, including a personalised invitation to the grand opening of the brand’s new store in the area.

It’s a great time to be a shopper, and it all comes down to the innovative use of data analytics. By using analytics to develop a clearer picture of customer preferences and purchasing patterns, retailers and service providers are able to offer customized promotions that match shopper likes, wants, budget, and even location—translating into better shopping experiences and revenue growth. This innovative approach to retail offers a glimpse into the type of data-driven organisation that will dominate the future—the Intelligent Enterprise.

Organisations around the world and across industries are adopting analytics and mobility to give them a competitive edge. As these companies seek to become Intelligent Enterprises, they are embracing high-performance, enterprise BI solutions that help them evolve beyond static reporting, opting for real-time digital dashboards and mobile productivity apps that deliver personalized analytics for everyone across the enterprise. These tools help boost efficiency, visibility, and scalability, and prove that digital transformation is critical for success in the modern business landscape.

To achieve this level of sophistication, more organisations around the globe are turning to MicroStrategy, the analytics provider that helps thousands of organisations transform how they do business. From enterprise reporting and data discovery to mobile productivity and real-time telemetry, MicroStrategy provides organisations with the full breadth of capabilities they need to translate data into actionable insights and advance towards the Intelligent Enterprise. That’s why thousands of organisations use the MicroStrategy platform to build transformative applications and drive business success.

For example, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia uses MicroStrategy to boost their offerings with Daily IQ, a mobile app for the bank’s business clients. This app allows businesses to analyze transactional data and find insights about merchants, customer profitability, cash flow, key markets, and much more. With the Daily IQ, CommBank gave its clients the ideal tool for managing their business—a service that goes above and beyond typical client expectations. The Daily IQ app helps build loyalty and trust with CommBank’s clients, giving the bank the edge they need to drive client satisfaction and stay ahead of their competitors.

Another MicroStrategy success story comes from Coca-Cola, which uses MicroStrategy to power its efforts supporting the Balance Calories Initiative, an industry-wide health initiative aimed at reducing the per-person beverage calorie intake by 20% by 2025. With this initiative, Coca-Cola had the monumental task of tracking product sales across several key target markets. The company deployed a mobile app built on the MicroStrategy platform to automate the reporting process and provide users with instant insight into related product performance. With their new MicroStrategy-powered app, leaders can track their progress with ease and spend more time driving the initiative, rather than dealing with the data.

Industry leaders in the APAC region are also choosing MicroStrategy to deliver intelligence to key stakeholders and transform how they operate—and they are getting recognition for their initiatives.

Changi Airport was awarded with the IDC’s APAC Digital Transformer of the year award last year and MicroStrategy was a key component used in their digital transformation plan.

Other examples of leading organisations that use MicroStrategy include Standard Chartered Bank and the Department of Statistics in Malaysia.

These three organisations were all recognized during MicroStrategy’s inaugural Asia Customer & Partner Appreciation Night on Thursday, February 22 in Singapore. This ceremony highlighted these organisations’ achievements in digital transformation, operational excellence, and public service, respectively. MicroStrategy also recognised local partners who supported the deployment of its comprehensive solutions in Asia, including Accenture and InfoCepts.

In today’s business environment, industries across the board are being disrupted by emerging technologies. MicroStrategy’s leading mobile and analytics solutions are integral to building its customers’ competitive edge.

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