After 2 years, Infocepts associates came together for Retreat, our annual flagship event where all our associates come together to connect, collaborate and celebrate. We had 1000+ associates gathering at the beautiful city of Taj over 3 days and connected with their fellow associates across cities, learned about all the innovations across the company, celebrated the achievements and created lasting memories. Here’s a glimpse of all the fun that led upto the event.

Our #StayModern philosophy is reflected in everything that we do at Infocepts – from helping clients to enabling our associates to stay updated. Check this video where our associates share what ‘Stay Modern’ means to them.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) enabling technologies like Hololens are creating more valuable and immersive experiences for data analysts and users across industries. With AR & VR, data analysis is no longer an exercise of pouring over spreadsheets and reports but rather an immersive experience that allows users to “step into the data” by visualizing it in the context of the consumer’s world, making it more fun, engaging and collaborative.

Food security is threatened by several factors and plant diseases is one of them that reduces yield or even wipes out crops. Infocepts developed an AR and VR-enabled analytics application to detect plant leaf diseases and help implement early remediation to improve the yield rate in farming. The analytics app leverages Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, Azure Machine Learning (ML), and Power BI reporting. With the app, users can take an image of plant leaves in the field and the AI algorithm accurately predicts if the crop is diseased or healthy. Insights are visually displayed on the Power BI dashboard with detailed analysis of plant diseases and recommended remediation to protect the crop.

This innovative solution allows early disease detection and adoption of sustainable practices to reduce reliance on non-renewable energy and chemical use. The solution helps agricultural clients improve price forecasting of their farming yield through yield rate analysis. It has a lasting impact on economic factors like the overall food prices in countries. Additionally, farm owners can use this solution to view a 3D model of their field within the HoloLens environment, allowing them to visualize the layout of their farms and the health of their crops in real-time.

GDS Data and Analytics Summit | 3 March 2022

Insights Break: Keynote 2 | Accelerating Outcomes from D&A Investments

Speaker: Ben Dooley, Senior Director

Session Highlights

  • 50% of the problems faced by large enterprises in deploying D&A solutions are generic
  • Generic D&A problems can be solved using reusable solutions from a library like the one developed by Infocepts
  • Poll | Which of these will be the hardest for you to do?
    1. 25% | Define D&A-driven Business Roadmap
    2. 25% | Build to a Modular Architecture
    3. 25% | Build & Maintain Cross Functional Teams
    4. 25% | Flex Talent Capacity

GDS Data and Analytics Summit | 2 March 2022

Insights Break: Keynote 1 | Data & Analytics: From Adaptation to Growth

Speaker: Ben Dooley, Senior Director

Session Highlights

  • Data strategy is business strategy in today’s business environment
  • Transformation relies on true democratization.
  • True democratization is about reducing user friction
  • Early user feedback is critical for succeeding in reducing user friction
  • A modular architecture is important not only from a technology perspective but also from a people and process perspective

Organizations are prioritizing information security initiatives above all investments due to the growing concerns and risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity incidents have a huge impact on brand reputation of organizations, their relationship with customers and overall business growth. Customers today actively choose to engage with organizations that respect their privacy and safeguard their personal and sensitive data.   

At Infocepts, data privacy and information security is serious business and considered a corporate value. We have invested considerable efforts in transforming our 3 pillars i.e., people, process, and technology to enhance our long-term data security goals. Modernizing security infrastructure, business processes and increasing awareness amongst our associates helps us strengthen enterprise data security, meet regulations, promote data privacy culture, and enable our customers to achieve business goals faster and risk-free. 

In today’s digital age, data privacy is one of the most critical parts of every organization’s IT and business strategy. Infocepts’ information security and data privacy initiatives help transform key digital assets to secure all types of data in our organization. 

Watch the video to explore why Infocepts is not only a GREAT place but also a SAFE place to work.

Companies are reimagining their post-pandemic business models and investing significantly in data & analytics to remain relevant. With today’s changing markets, sustainable businesses need a sustainable D&A strategy to compete year-on-year. There are many pathways for successful modernization but finding the right one for your firm requires deliberate decision making.

Learn from the stories of three global enterprises that partnered with Infocepts to improve customer experience, data-enable business, and increase revenue. We share pragmatic takeaways to help you improve your roadmaps, architectural choices, cross-functional collaboration, and talent acquisition strategies.

Our recommendations for accelerating D&A outcomes help organizations to –

  • Advance data-driven capabilities
  • Build augmented business apps
  • Create data products
  • Modernize data platforms
  • Support data & analytics systems

Companies are seeing the promise of what cloud, data, analytics, and AI can do to transform their business, but many are struggling to realize the impact. Amongst the key challenges holding leaders back is the ability to access talent to fulfill their strategies. D&A talent – from solution architects to data engineers to business consultants – is hard to find and harder to retain. Meanwhile your executives are expecting results promised by your business case.

According to Forrester’s Business Technographics Data and Analytics Survey 2020,

“Nearly half (49%) of organizations are still at the beginner stage of their insights-driven business journey and only 60% of them have dedicated data, technical and insights staff available to teams across the organization to help them transform outcomes with data and insights”

Getting business results under these circumstances requires leaders to embrace new models and thinking for building D&A teams. In this webinar video, Our CEO, Shashank Garg and guest speaker, Forrester Research VP and Principal Analyst, Boris Evelson discuss tried and tested talent strategies to achieve success with D&A initiatives. Watch the video to understand:

  • Top challenges customers face when forming D&A teams
  • Strategies to deal with talent acquisition, development, and retention
  • Recommendations for strengthening your D&A talent strategy

Interesting Quotes from the Webinar

On Data Driven Businesses

“It was a few years ago when analysts such as myself and other economists predicted that insights driven businesses were going to grow 8 to 10 times, that’s not 8 or 10 percent faster, 8 to 10 times faster than the global economy, than industry averages, than competition. And today at Forrester, we absolutely are seeing this coming to fruition.”

On Central IT Teams

“If you fast-forward a few years, we know that central teams will struggle on the user engagement side and they will never be able to react to fast changes that are required to run modern businesses. You often see a huge sort of shadow IT coming up in the business unit. So you got central IT, you got shadow IT and then you know, they are doing anything and everything right from data wrangling to data ingestion to analytics. Not ideal!”

On AI and the Enterprise

“Artificial intelligence obviously is all over the place, we do not talk about any enterprise technology where AI is not taking a foothold. And while AI is helping us and helping enterprises get richer insights, deeper insights and further helping us democratize insights. AI requires some additional TLC, tender loving care in terms of building models, training the models and doing all of the model operations. So, yes, AI brings additional benefits but also requires additional care.”

On Competency Based Hiring

“We are saying that we don’t need a Snowflake or a Tableau developer, we need to hire for higher level competencies. So we need a data engineer, a cloud engineer, an analytics and data management professional who can go through these platforms and if I decide to switch, I don’t have to switch people, switching people is expensive. It should be easy to switch technology and cross-skill these people because they are embedded in that business, they understand my processes and they can make those shifts very very quickly.”

Analyzing data on products is time-consuming, unengaging, and inefficient. Retail store managers sit down at a desk and plan out the store without actually being able to see the store or products. They can see the analytics but the actual store layout, feel, and atmosphere is lost when they are distanced from it, making planning from an office and product placement that much more inefficient.

Infocepts collaborated with Neumont College of Computer Science to implement Power BI reporting and functionality with Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, allowing users to not only see data on products but also see the product in the HoloLens world.

HoloLens gives retailers easy access to data reports and models of their products while on the store floor, enhancing the relationship between the store managers, employees, and the products. Employees can view 3D models to help find products they aren’t familiar with and real-time data reports help managers make decisions on product placement and orientation all while being able to see the physical layout with holograms projected from the HoloLens 2.

With every industry and organization now going digital, an enterprise-wide automation approach is key for any organization to remain relevant and succeed in the new age markets. Most businesses fail to scale their automation initiatives due to a lack of clear Organization wide strategy and not being able to quickly evolve to the needed changes and the new ways of working.

To keep up with digital disruptions and competitors in the industry, it is important for businesses to implement a self-evolving intelligent automation strategy which helps constantly improve process efficiencies. Intelligent automation can help businesses achieve their automation goals by combining the power of AI, robotics and data-driven insights with a long-term vision which accounts for transforming people, processes and technologies.

Check out this on-demand webinar to understand:

  • What does Intelligent Automation mean?
  • How a global market research firm is leveraging Intelligent Automation in their Connect Platform?
  • The benefits and learnings from the Automation project
  • Infocepts advice on how to go about building automation capabilities in your company?