Near Real Time Ad Analytics powered by Big Data

Real Time Ad Analytics by Big Data
AvatarMay 23, 2017

One of the key challenges for the advertising industry is ensuring that the right ad is shown to the right audience at the right time. Simple as it may sound, the secret sauce for achieving this involves complicated process of integration of ad servers, content delivery devices, targeting algorithms and data about demographics of the viewers. The task can be particularly daunting given the massive data sizes and the unstructured nature of ad viewership data. One of our customers – a leader in the multimedia video delivery industry was unable to provide granular details about ad views to the advertisers. The problem was complicated because of the sheer volume of data – with 100s of millions of views per day – was massive.


The Need for Granular Ad Campaign Details

One of the advertisers wanted the ads to be precisely positioned to ensure the effectiveness of the campaign. An ad was to be shown only on specific websites, forspecific shows, at specific time slots during the show and even in a specific order. Before InfoCepts deployed its solution, the monitoring and tracking of the ads was carried out manually in spreadsheets. The reports were high-level and couldn’t provide granular details such as exact impressions of the ad with specific timeslots. The unstructured nature of weblogs and massive data sizes,millions of rows per day, meant the spreadsheets had no chance of providing granular data.


Without solid data, the media company would have had to offer the advertiser a best guess on the number of wrong impressions i.e. ads that weren’t placed as per the specifications provided by the advertisers. For a company that values the quality of its data, the precision of its targeting, and a high-standard of excellence—it needed a solution which could not only track such wrong impressions but also highlight those wrong impressions. The solution to this problem involved quickly processing huge amounts of unstructured data and hence needed the power of Big Data analytics.


The Solution

An assortment of Big Data technologies were used in conjunction with MicroStrategy, a powerful reporting tool  to enable quick, easy and effective analysis of large volumes of data. The media company can now effortlessly monitor incorrectly placed ads through a dashboard. Moreover, they now track performance of each and every ad along the following parameters –


  • Number of Impressions
  • Section of the site where the ad appeared,
  • The video content during which the ad appeared
  • Details of series, episode, break number, type of break (such as before, after, or in between the show), and also
  • The ad sequence within these breaks.

Not only did these details allow the media company to supply the advertiser with specific insights on where, when, and how ads were served, it also allowed them to analyze viewer patterns for various types of ads.


The Value of Deep BI and Data Analytics

The success of the campaign encouraged other divisions in the media company to tap the in-house InfoCepts team for assistance in gleaning useful insights, empowering them to provide the customers a complete low down on effectiveness of ad campaigns and actionable insights which could be used to  tweak the ad strategy to maximize the ROI.


The media company now has an enterprise-grade ecosystem with a cluster of servers that comprises multiple best-in-class technologies. It provides the power to process large quantities of data rapidly and to gain critical insights:


  • It now has access to a dashboard that provides a 30-day rolling window, which will expand to show up to six months of data. The company can now view impressions by the day, month, or quarter. It can slice and dice data by site, show, and even episode.
  • It can now identify issues, along with the causes, enabling the company to quickly deploy specific integration teams to resolve issues.
  • It can track frequency cap violations and triage the problems to various integration teams.


The bottom-line result – our customer has seen multimillion dollar savings, better ad monetization, better ROI for its advertisers and a better viewer experience for its audiences.


If you are struggling to find the right business intelligence from your data and you need fast and actionable business insights, we can help.