A Day in Life of an InfoCepts Associate: Onsite Healthcare Analytics Project

Maxx DuniphinMarch 15, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at InfoCepts? You might have noticed all our open job opportunities, or that fact that we continue to grow our team globally. For our associates it’s all about helping our customers make data-driven decisions and stay modern.

Let’s take a look at a typical day in the life of one of our associates, Maxx, who was recently assigned on site to a project for a healthcare customer:

Every day starts in a similar way. Alarm clock rings around 5 AM. In true, “early bird gets the worm” mentality, I use this time before the day begins to spend time on my hobbies or finish any work from the day before.

The official workday kicks off at 8 AM. Each day we have a daily stand-up meeting. Here each team member gives updates or uses the time to have questions answered.

My days are never the same given IT’s fast pace and piecemeal nature. Depending on the work required by the client, I may be a small or on-going part of a short- or long-term initiative. From one week to the next I have been reformatting code, delving into user manuals and environment information, documenting internal processes, and providing support for production data ingestion.

Given the environment of my role, I make sure to build rapport with the client and my fellow InfoCeptains. Having open communication in our team is essential to understand the project’s business and how they create value for themselves and their customers. Understanding my client’s expectations from its culture and other employees can help build trust in my work. This might include scheduled meetings, impromptu sync ups, or casual “water cooler” talk, even working virtually we have found ways to be connected through Yammer, email, and Teams.

The day flies by, lunch is enjoyed, and before long it will be nearly 6:00 PM when I shut down my computer for the day. Last thing I do is review my calendar for the next day to prevent any meeting conflicts and prepare for tomorrow’s daily sync.

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