MicroStrategy Services & Solutions

Our company, started by two ex-MicroStrategists, provides a broad range of MicroStrategy Services and Solutions, including hard to find skills in MicroStrategy SDK customization. To support our delivery farmework, we’ve developed a library of MicroStrategy specific templates and artifacts that ensure high quality and fast delivery for our customers. Our Associates have undergone rigorous MicroStrategy training beginning with our 3-month MicroStrategy centered BI Boot Camp. With one of the largest number of MicroStrategy consultants worldwide, we have completed 100’s of complex MicroStrategy projects.

Our Services

InfoCepts’ MicroStrategy consulting services includes a wide range of services – from defining your BI strategy and road map to assessing and optimizing your MicroStrategy system. Our processes and methodologies include the technology best practices we have developed based on our experience of working on several MicroStrategy consulting projects.

Our offerings include:

  • Strategic visioning, scoping, planning and business case development for MicroStrategy solutions
  • Developing and implementing Balanced Scorecard, with relevant key performance indicators (KPIs with MicroStrategy BI Platform)
  • Predefined process, templates and accelerators to migrate from your existing BI platform to MicroStrategy BI platform
  • Migrate the infrastructure with a structured, streamlined process to other environments including Cloud
  • Test Cloud readiness of applications and dependent systems to be migrated to Cloud
  • Technical architecture planning & design to ensure performance, scalability and availability
  • Scalable schema database design and data modeling
  • Deployment and training planning
  • Complex security architecture design, deployment and training planning

Our methodology is created to address the challenges specific to Dashboard development for the MicroStrategy platform. This award winning methodology is a repeatable, highly tuned methodology that encapsulates the best practices and teachings of noted visualization experts such as Stephen Few, Edward Tufte and Colin Ware. Using their principles as a foundation, we have created specific templates, artifacts on Dashboard design and development for the MicroStrategy BI platforms.

The highlights of our program include:

  • Incorporates Data Visualization Best Practices
  • Tried and tested methodology with over ten artifacts including:
    o A 151-page Design Guide
    o A set of re-usable templates
    o Design Catalog, Test Plans, Development Checklists and Requirements Questionnaire
    o A set of re-usable templates, recommended color palettes with their RGB codes
  • Custom visualizations for Dashboards that provides business users with visually appealing graphical displays for complex data analysis
  • Over 200 Dashboard projects completed

With our MicroStrategy specific Mobile App development program, we have developed over 125 mobile apps. Our development methodology takes into consideration the following:

  • The need to integrate multiple screens into a “storyboard”
  • The rich tactile functionality of iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices
  • Mobile device specific dimensions, memory and processing constraints
  • BI Quality Assurance that needs to test for many new variables
  • Justifiable security concerns

The highlights of our program include:

  • The process for design and development, and artifacts associated with the program are specifically designed for MicroStrategy Mobile App development
  • Our data visualization experts are trained specifically on MicroStrategy iPad/iPhone design and Apple Human Interface design
  • We have experience developing iPad/iPhone Apps across industries like Banking, Retail, Healthcare, etc. and functions like marketing, supply chain and finance. Our consultants combine industry and functional knowledge with technical knowledge to understand and build applications which meet business users’ requirements
  • Custom visualizations for iPad that provides business users with visually appealing graphical displays for complex data analysis
  • QA methodology developed specifically to test MicroStrategy mobile apps
  • 4 of our selected iPad Apps featured on MicroStrategy Mobile App Universe
  • ‘InfoCepts BI’ iPad app available on the Apple App store

Application Management and Optimization Program (AMnO), our managed services program, has been created to enable our customers to monitor, manage, optimize and evolve their MicroStrategy BI systems. We work with our customers as partners to support and optimize their BI systems – end to end, 24 x 7.

Key distinctions of our Managed Services program include:

  • In-depth analysis, proactive optimizations and well defined support methodologies that leverage technology specific features and capabilities (e.g. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager used to report, analyze and act upon report and data issues)
  • Integrated design for the entire BI and DW stack – ETL to Reporting to Mobile BI
  • Global delivery model provides 24 * 7 high quality support, scheduled proactive analysis and measures that include user training and system changes to resolve predictable issues
  • Proactive automations and alerts setup for value added BI system administration, tuning, optimization, monitoring and maintenance aided with in-house developed tool for monitoring and managing the MicroStrategy BI environment
  • MicroStrategy system consulting and architecture assessment using our proprietary tools and methodologies
  • The program includes active deployment of our best practices and knowledge base, including our internal “tips and tricks”, artifacts and templates

Our Mobile BI Apps showcased on MicroStrategy Mobile App Universe


Our widely attended and appreciated MicroStrategy World presentation on “Tips and Tricks on how to better Monitor, Manage and Optimize your MicroStrategy System”