Retailers collect increasing amounts of data from their operational and external systems including their POS systems, Financial Systems and E-commerce initiatives. Their business intelligence systems enable analysis of these numerous data sources, helping Retailers answer critical strategic and operational questions associated with consumer segmentation and analytics, targeted promotions, merchandizing mix and supply chain efficiency.

Our Services

We design and build business intelligence applications for Retailers that help them address questions and problems such as:

  • What is the lifetime value of a customer and what are the factors that contribute to profitability?
  • Which promotional offers will be the most effective with which customer groups?
  • How do sales of various products and product groups compare across different time periods, stores and customers?
  • How do sales vary by a neighborhood’s demographic characteristics? How can I use this information to optimize the product location, product mix and inventory levels at each of my stores?
  • How are overall sales and specific product sales impacted by seasonal changes?
  • Which of my suppliers are meeting their performance requirements?
  • What is the mix of products that customers purchase and how are these mixes impacted by controllable variables?

We offer a comprehensive set of services and solutions for the MicroStrategy Platform


Our Mobile BI program for the MicroStrategy and Cognos platforms