Life Sciences

The Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry are under tremendous cost & innovation pressures – as patients take center stage in managing their health, there are higher expectations and demands for accountability – more effective drugs, cost-effective options and better health outcomes. Payers & providers must optimize cost & delivery without compromising the quality of care. We believe analytics can come to the rescue by identifying gaps in the patient – provider – health system engagement structure. Find more details on our solutions and services across the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Managed Care Pharmacy segments below.

Our Services

Our Life Sciences Practice covers the pharma value chain from R&D to commercialization as well as the managed care segment. Our focus is on delivering actionable insights that drive critical business decisions using a variety of formats and platforms incl., Advanced Visualizations & Interactive Displays (AVID), infographics, web dashboards and mobile apps (iPad, iOS and Android). In addition to services, our Practice experts are creating specialized packaged solutions in areas such as clinical trial intelligence and risk analysis, clinical trial operations and management, regulatory submissions, patient monitoring and adherence, medication therapy management, social media analytics, real world evidence, digital marketing, health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), etc.


InfoCepts is extremely well-positioned to provide specialized analytics solutions across the care continuum. Our practice brings years of experience covering pharmaceutical/biotech R&D, drug formulation, genomics and bioinformatics, clinical trial sourcing and management, GMP manufacturing, supply chain management, regulatory affairs, management consulting, health-IT, knowledge management, business development, sales and marketing.


From start-ups in the emerging bio-technology field to the largest global pharmaceutical leaders, companies in this industry are challenged with data stored in multiple data sources – and the need to build a solid foundation to support analytical needs across the organization. Business Intelligence solutions play a critical role in helping pharmaceutical organizations achieve faster time to market, predict and manage the cost of new product development, manage regulatory compliance, and improve sales and operational efficiency.
We design and build business intelligence applications for Pharmaceutical companies that help them in:

  • Identifying viable and cost effective drug candidates
  • Tracking and analyzing hundreds of simultaneous, global clinical trials
  • Aligning the field sales force for maximum effectiveness
  • Optimizing intricate contract pricing models to comply with regulations and maintain profitability
  • Developing targeted customer profiles and marketing campaigns based on information gathered on product sales, customer demographics, historical health trends, prescription fill rates and other geographic variables
  • Analyzing prescription activity and buying trends from large customers (especially managed care providers) to make sales force and marketing adjustments.
  • Targeting physicians who have high prescription rates of a certain drug or treatment with new drug information that treat complementary symptoms or conditions
  • Analyzing buying tendencies and treatment outcomes to create more drug and product variations tailored directly towards different age groups and risk factors
  • Managing inventories more efficiently based on historical trends and patient behavior to prevent stock-outs at retail and pharmacy locations


Our Mobile BI program for MicroStrategy and Cognos platforms