The hospitality industry including foodservice organizations, generates reams of data from multiple systems across front, middle and back office operations. The business intelligence applications created by businesses in this industry include applications that enable revenue management, guest profitability, guest satisfaction, market analytics, customer segmentation and campaign management.

Our Services

We design and build business intelligence applications for companies in the Hospitality Industry that help them:

  • Assess the long term value of guests and guest stays
  • Identify profitable guest groupings for use in marketing and product development
  • Improve guest satisfaction by analyzing wait times, guest feedback and mystery shopper results
  • Manage capacity to optimize revenue
  • Control food cost and track over time
  • Evaluate staffing levels during different day-parts to uncover inefficiencies and service issues
  • Optimize daily operations and performance by monitoring hourly sales, peak times, labor, speed of service, and refunds

We developed a dashboard for our Hospitality Industry client that won an award at MicroStrategy World