Digital Media

The large amounts of data being generated online provides companies with the opportunity for unprecedented insights into their customers, products, suppliers and partners. The data is not only plenty, but current as well – further increasing its value. This information can be leveraged by digital marketing agencies and their customers for social media analytics, digital advertisements and targeted promotions.

Our Services

We design and build business intelligence applications for Digital Media companies to enable them in:

  • Ad Targeting (search, display, email, direct mail) – Use micro-segmentation for one-to-one targeted campaigns
  • Website Optimization – Optimize website structure and layout to improve visitor engagement and conversion
  • Yield Optimization – Maximize inventory utilization by forecasting demand and pricing dynamically
  • Attribution Analysis – Identify contribution of the various marketing channels in sales
  • Ad Sales Analysis and Inventory Forecasting – Forecast complex advertising inventories and products accurately and efficiently
  • Click Fraud Analysis – Identify and prevent click fraud in online advertising
  • Pay-per-click Bid Optimization – Demand driven dynamic pricing for SEM Keyword Portfolio

Our Big Data Solution and how it helped a Global Online Marketing company