Mobile BI Design and Development

The standard paradigm for how information is delivered by BI applications has evolved dramatically over the last few years. Historically, grids and graphs were how users viewed and interacted with their data. Dashboards introduced a new language of visualization and an entire new set of tools for end users. And recently BI has gone Mobile, with companies now developing their first BI applications directly for Mobile devices. Our Mobile BI Solution accounts for the unique mindset required for Mobile BI App development and couples it with data visualization and technology specific capabilities to produce great Mobile BI Apps.

Our Program

  • Our work is driven by requirements gathering processes designed specifically for MicroStrategy Mobile and IBM Cognos Mobile Apps
  • Storyboard driven app centric development process
  • Use of Mobile App design guides and templates
  • A team of Data Visualization experts trained on Apple and Android Human Interface design
  • Parallel, iterative, screen by screen development to reduce effort and mistakes
  • Well documented methodology, 15+ artifacts and deliverables
  • Effective knowledge transfer to your Business Analysts and End Users
InfoCepts BI App

Our industry-specific Apps and Advanced Custom Visualizations using MicroStrategy Mobile Platform


Build mobile Apps that deliver business intelligence, transactions and multi-media content