BI Extranets

For data syndicators, marketing consultancies and advertising agencies, data and analytics has been a product that they sell to their customers for some time. However increasingly companies are opening up their data warehouses to provide reporting and analytics to their customers and partners, both as a value add as well as a revenue generating product. These “BI Extranets” provide data and analysis to external audiences. Our solution incorporates best practices in design, architecture, quality and security to provide a flexible and scalable platform for supporting multiple customers and various classes of users.

Our Program

  • BI Extranet Business Case development
  • A production system reference framework architecture that provides high performance and ease of use
  • BI user interface design options to enable ease of use and interactivity
  • Options for analytical capabilities
  • A security framework to ensure client specific data is not accessible to other customers
  • Methodology that incorporates a “product” based approach to support external rollout
  • SLA guidelines for external use
  • Training programs for internal client support personnel
  • An enabling process to manage external, uncontrolled and variable multiple data sources
  • A team of specialists that includes VLDB Architects, Process Architects, DBAs, Technical Project Managers, BI Experts and Usability Engineers, Software QA engineers, Data analysts and Data Visualization experts

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