Dashboard Design and Development

Dashboards have become the primary form of information consumption for users. Though most dashboards still contain traditional grid and graph reports, a key component of today’s dashboards is data visualization. Traditional BI development focuses on building reports with minimal regard for visualization. Designing and developing for visual impact requires skills that combine business understanding and technical aptitude with a flair for visual design. Our approach encases these skills into a process that is highly iterative and focused on the needs of the users and the various ways in which they will access the data.

Our Program

  • Award winning methodology that delivers impactful, interactive, intuitive and visually appealing dashboards
  • A rapid development framework that aims to deliver a working Dashboard in less time
  • An iterative, end-user focused agile process that uses a series of templates and best practices checklists to drive Dashboard design and development
  • An experienced Dashboard design and development team that includes data visualization experts
  • A 150 page Design Guide that serves as a reference for data visualization and dashboard development best practices
  • A Design Catalog that provides a repository of images which are used to quickly create Dashboard mockups

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