BI Infrastructure Management and Optimization

BI reporting is moving from an IT department-centric service model to a self-service model. In addition, with the onslaught of mobile users and increasing amounts of big data in organizations, the complexity of BI delivery has increased significantly. This complexity requires more thoughtful and thorough BI infrastructure design and management. We can help your organization optimize your existing infrastructure and plan for a dynamic infrastructure. We also implement Cloud infrastructure solutions to help reduce costs and ensure high infrastructure availability.

Our Services

  • Identify Data warehouse and data mart load requirements
  • Anticipate and forecast load requirements
  • Design the database infrastructure
  • Design ETL infrastructure
  • Design allocation of disk space for data files
  • Plan the number of instances/nodes for optimum processing time
  • Plan disk space for database backup for scheduled full/incremental backup and database fault tolerance (Database mirroring, Publish-Subscription based replication)
  • Propose server hardware (CPU/RAM/HDD/NIC) based on scalability
  • Establish effective security measures for accessing data
  • Assess the vulnerability of the existing BI systems and mitigate the risks
  • Establish Single Sign-On connection with existing applications
  • Recommend security measures for Mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian)
  • Migrate the infrastructure with a structured, streamlined process to other environments including Cloud
  • Test Cloud readiness of applications and dependent systems to be migrated to Cloud
  • Identify optimization and migration opportunities within the server environment to reduce the TCO
  • Seamless transitioning to a new environment – managing hardware platform requirements, back-ups, software requirements, etc.
  • Service Management based on ITIL framework
  • Develop an automated service monitoring system
  • Establish an effective alerting system for production failures
  • Provide incident and problem management services
  • Create development and test environment on cloud and facilitate the maintenance and administration
24 x 7 BI Application Management & Optimization

Our program for end to end 24 by 7 support, optimization and evolution of your BI systems