Data Visualization

Data Visualization Guru Edward Tufte once said – “The world is complex, dynamic, multidimensional; the paper is static, flat. How are we to represent the rich visual world of experience and measurement on mere flatland?” Organizations are bombarded with data from various sources every day. Data visualization techniques enable business users to make informed decisions quickly by representing complex, multidimensional data in a visually appealing format. Our team of data visualization experts ensures that each Dashboard and Mobile Application we develop adheres to the latest data visualization best practices.

Our Services

  • Expert consulting service to represent large and complex information graphically
  • Dedicated data visualization experts who have been trained on Apple and Android Human Interface Design for mobile BI app development
  • Best practices for visualization based on the work of noted experts including Stephen Few, Edward Tufte and Colin Ware

Design Catalog for Dashboards and Mobile BI Apps

  • A standard repository of images of various graph types, grids (with multiple color options), widgets, selectors and other visual objects that can be used to create wireframes for dashboard and mobile applications
  • Pre-created dashboard / mobile app templates along with color palette and visualization samples
  • Design attractive and business user friendly interfaces
  • Leverage wireframes, information architecture, prototypes, guidelines and specifications for user interface design
  • Design high quality UI compliant with your branding and UI guidelines
  • UI definition and development that is consistent with usability standards and adheres to best practices
  • Highly skilled team who are experts in representing complex information quickly and clearly in the form of a graphical story
  • Our skilled data visualization experts are passionate about analyzing, synthesizing and visually expressing information in order for end users to understand and make better decisions from it
  • Develop interactive custom visualizations for Mobile BI apps using HTML5 and open source Java Script libraries
Mobile BI for MicroStrategy & Cognos

Our Mobile BI program for MicroStrategy and Cognos platforms

InfoCepts Mobile BI App

Our iPad Apps and Custom Visualizations that deliver visually appealing graphical displays