Data Quality and Testing

For business users to make well informed decisions, the data used for BI reporting needs to be accurate. To ensure that organizations have a single version of the truth, it is important to have a process for managing data quality. A Data Quality Framework spans the entire BI development life cycle taking into account the complexities of the BI reporting cycle and the need of data analysis at every phase of data population. We have a dedicated team of experts who can help you assess the current state of your company’s data assets and work with you to ensure that the data is fit for its intended business use.

Our Services

End to End Data Quality Implementation for Business Intelligence projects

  • Data Collection
    • Check compliance for data quality parameters like completeness, accuracy, consistency, etc.
    • Risk assessment for integrating data in new applications
    • Ensure enterprise view of all data
  • Data Integration
    • Check compliance and define approach with custom SQLs for integration rules
    • Validate results based on business rules and integration rules
    • Provide data quality reports
  • Data Mart
    • Validate all the measures and measure groups (including derived measures, aggregations)
    • Validate all the dimensions (including Slowly Changing Dimensions), attribute hierarchy, etc.
  • Data Presentation
    • Ensure data from the data warehouse/data mart is mapped & designed correctly for reports
    • Validate data for derived metrics and ‘non-aggregatable’ metrics

BI Testing

  • Functional Testing
    • Report Testing
    • Cube Testing
    • Mobile App testing (Android, IOS, windows)
  • Security Testing
    • Data level security
    • Object level security
  • Performance testing
    • Report Execution
    • Query Execution
    • Performance break-up across servers
    • Analysis of potential bottlenecks and scalability limitations with voluminous data
    • Load & Stress Testing
  • Migration Testing
    • Cross Platforms
    • Version upgrades

DI Testing

  • ETL Testing
    • Stored Packages
    • Exception handling
    • Stored procedures/DB functions
    • Scheduled jobs/backup policy
    • Indexes/Partitioning
  • Schema Testing
    • Data Model analysis
  • Performance Testing
    • Data processing window
    • Parallel execution
    • System response time
  • Test automation assessment
  • Establish a test automation framework
  • End to End test automation solutions
    • Regression Test Automation
    • Data Validation Test Automation
    • Performance and Load Test Automation
  • Test Utilities Development
    • Data profiling
    • Data formatting
    • Data Export

RoboWeb – InfoCepts’ Test Automation Tool

Any web-based BI application requires human interaction for tasks such as providing username/password, answering prompts and executing reports. During the testing process, a Tester has to execute a report many times with different prompt values to validate the quality of the report. However, doing it manually can be an extremely tedious task. We’ve developed a specialized tool – RoboWeb, for automating this process.

Automating the report execution process minimizes human errors and also allows the Tester to use his/her time more efficiently. RoboWeb reads input information from a text file and executes reports automatically in Internet Explorer. It can be used for multiple projects simultaneously. The tool can be used by the QA team, developers, managers and trainers for training, development and regression testing.

Data Quality Tools

MicroStrategy Integrity Manager, Informatica DQ, Talend, HP Quality Center, HP Quick Test pro, HP Loadrunner, Selenium, Jira, Bugzilla


DQAna, a tool developed by InfoCepts is used to automate the Data Quality Assessment process