Master Data Integration & Information Management Services

Organizations today are confronted with the challenge and the opportunity of data growing at unprecedented rates from a variety of sources. In this new era of opportunity, data management teams need to work with their business counterparts to create the infrastructure necessary for managing and benefiting from this increasing torrent of data. Working with your business users and technology professionals, we provide solutions to help your company deliver trusted, actionable and authoritative data to the business at the right time, when required to make the right decision.

Our Services

  • Identify data appropriate to meet your business requirements
  • Acquire data from disparate systems, including the cloud, and across enterprise IT systems
  • Profile, transform and cleanse the data as required
  • Deliver data in batch, near real time or in real time modes
  • Detailed ETL design and development methodology
  • Selected Industry specific ETL Frameworks

Unstructured Data Integration

  • Work with leading tools to extract meaning from social media text so that your company can understand the impact of its online marketing and manage online customer sentiment

Data Analysis

  • Conduct information needs analysis. Understand your business users’ requirements for data and information
  • Create the framework and program for defining and implementing principles, policies, procedures and standards for the effective use of data
  • Design and implement systems to create, use and retire data
  • Guide and assist in the creation of Data Integration Competency Centers

Master Data Management (MDM)

  • We work with you to create the architecture to maintain your company’s reference and relationship data to ensure data consistency across your product, customer, supplier and organizational data

Metadata Management

  • Programs for managing the people, processes and technical components necessary to ensure that your company’s metadata is easily accessible, consistent, current, accurate, timely and complete

Data Quality

  • Assess the current state of your company’s data assets and work with you to ensure that the data is fit for its intended business use
  • Well defined support methodology
  • 24×7 global support model
  • Systematic analysis of deployed ETL objects for best practice compliance and performance optimization
  • Workflow performance optimization
  • Installation, configuration and upgrade methodologies for leading ETL tools
  • InfoCepts “BI Manager” Dashboard enables administrators to monitor, analyze and optimize their ETL system
BI Tools & Technologies

Informatica, SQL Scripts, Talend, Oracle Data Integrator, Microsoft SSIS


We offer a comprehensive set of services and solutions for the MicroStrategy Platform