Developing Business Intelligence (BI) solutions is a unique endeavor. Traditional operational system development lends itself to the defined, structured approach known as the “waterfall” method. However unlike traditional systems development, BI development requires considerably more repeated interaction with business users. Our skills and experience have been sharpened over numbers of projects to tackle the challenges of iterative Global Delivery BI development, resulting in our InfoCepts Insight Delivery (IID) model. Our IID balances individualized planning with the consistency of a structured approach.


Our goal is your exceptional success. Developing and implementing high performing, high ROI business intelligence solutions for our clients are our passion. Though we believe that our IID model provides the highest value, we understand that often our clients need alternatives. We offer four engagement models:

On-Demand Services

Our skilled cadre of professionals, both onsite and offshore are available to support your projects on an ‘on-demand’ basis. Whether part time or full time our experts will complement your staff with experience and expertise, providing you with the flexibility to manage the ebbs and flows of your projects.

Dedicated Offshore Team

Under this mode, we will recruit and hire consultants that meet your requirements, and dedicate them exclusively to you. These consultants will report directly to either your Project Manager, or an InfoCepts onsite Project Manager. This dedicated model typically costs less than an on-demand model. It also locks in savings while providing better integration and staff continuity between the onsite and offshore teams.

Onsite/Offshore Support & Maintenance

Unlike operational systems, production business intelligence systems require relatively greater on-going resources to support and maintain. End users ask for changes to data models, additions of new data sources and creation of new reports as they work with the system and make new discoveries. A bulk of the work required to support applications can be provided offshore with great savings in cost to your organization. We will work with you to assess your current environment and to plan the transition to an offshore support mode. Based on your SLA’s we will support and maintain your BI application to your requirements. Over time, we will optimize the performance of your application to minimize your capital and other resource requirements and to maximize the ROI of your BI system.

End-to-End Onsite-Offshore BI Strategy, Development and Support Services

The highest value we can provide to you is via our end-to-end services. We will work closely with your business users, your executive sponsors and your organization to design a BI system that meets your organization’s needs and enables you to compete and grow. Our well defined and tested methodologies and processes will structure the development for optimal onsite/offshore development, customized to your specific needs.

Reduce the cost of building and supporting your business intelligence projects

Our focus is on helping customers gain outstanding ROI from their BI budget dollars by providing many of our services from our BIDW Center of Excellence (COE) in India. You can expect to save up to 40% on your project or resource costs by using our India-based team. This team can either work directly with your Project Leads, or we can provide one of our US-based Project Leads or Architects who will take over complete responsibility for the project.

Get high quality output

Though we are often retained for the cost savings, it is the quality of our services that will provide you with exceptional value. Our Indian team is led by a former MicroStrategist (and co-founder of InfoCepts) who has nearly ten years of experience delivering BI solutions. Our project managers each have over ten years of BI and DW experience. Several have also lived and worked in the US so they are accustomed to US business practices. Our specialization in delivering BI solutions via a distributed model provides additional assurance since few service vendors understand both distributed development and the specific nuances of BI development. BI development is different than traditional software development, as it requires closer communication with business users, and frequent iteration. It is important that a services vendor deliver processes and skills that are specially designed for distributed BI development. Only then can the benefits of a distributed model can be realized.

Accelerate the delivery of your projects

By using our offshore BIDW COE, in concert with US-based project teams, you will be able to greatly accelerate your project delivery. Requirements produced during the day in the US, can be turned around overnight in India, and then made available for review the next morning. Besides this “time zone enabled” acceleration, we further help you hasten development through solutions and specialized skills such as our BI/DW performance management program that heightens the value of your BI systems.


Our Mobile BI program for the MicroStrategy and Cognos platforms